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Live the Good Life

The Joys of Nature and the Outdoors

Time spent in open spaces and greenery nurtures well-being — not to mention, they’re loads of fun. Here are some outdoor activities to try...

Creating an Artful Home

Take the aesthetic experience beyond gallery walls and into your own personal space Experiencing art not only expands our human perspective but, as a 2021...

Why creatives choose condo living

Digital banker and personal finance coach Jam Zulueta enumerates reasons on why living at SMDC's Air Residences is perfect for his lifestyle!

Uncover the Secrets to Success at SMDC’s Air Residences

Air Residences is an address that any urban professional would love to call home. What does success look like? Try living at Air Residences to find out for yourself.

In Vail We Trust

Enjoy exclusive access to urban living without sacrificing quality of life.

Home of the Good Guys

SMDC makes it possible to live in a safe, healthy, and thriving community of good people.