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In Vail We Trust

With drastic lifestyle changes over the past two years, the world feels like a different place. Transport and communication systems are continuously being redesigned. Workplaces, businesses, and educational institutions have transitioned from physical to virtual setups—and are now implementing “new normal” operations,

In order to stay ahead of these ever-shifting norms, living in a central address might be the way to go as it will allow you to relish the ideal balance of work and play.

SMDC’s Vail Residences is a vertical garden community strategically situated in uptown Cagayan de Oro City. It stands beside SM City Cagayan de Oro and is just a stone’s throw away from various essential and leisure establishments—making it a dream living space for individuals and families who are looking for accessibility without jeopardizing tranquility.

Designed to accommodate diverse lifestyle

With its impressive roster of top-of-the-line amenities, SMDC’s Vail Residences is poised to provide a democratized living solution for everyone. Whether you are a young professional learning the ropes of independent living or newlyweds looking to start a family, there is a space for you here.

Outdoor gyms and jogging paths abound at Vail Residences to keep you active throughout the day. Linear parks and pavilions are perfect for quick strolls after a long day at work—with trees and shrubs casting shade along the path.

In the mood to socialize? Take a plunge in the pool, go sunbathing or watch the sunset with your friends. Meet some neighbors in the clubhouse and talk about your interests over bottles of soda.

Make time for family activities. Stay in and cook something nice—or plan a playdate for your little ones. Take advantage of the playground, covered basketball court and kiddie swimming pool where they can let loose and have fun with other kids.

This residential development also has a security protocol that is fully integrated with state-of-the-art technology and multipronged measures to protect the residents 24/7.

At Vail Residences, you can be assured of three things: work-life balance, safety and security, and a sense of belonging that extends beyond your family.

Modern Sensibilities

Each unit is planned to utilize space efficiently, maximizing areas for comfortable living.

Customize Your Home

Give your space a unique aesthetic by incorporating elements that fit your personal style.

Community Hub

This large communal space is perfect for informal meetings, leisurely chats and other intimate gatherings. It is an open spot where residents can socialize while being cozily connected to nature.

Linear Park

The energy of the city can be too overwhelming at times. You can walk along these paths of trees and shrubs whenever you need some peace and quiet—whenever you need to clear your head.

Covered Court

A covered basketball court is made available for athletic residents who want to pursue their passion for sports. This area can also be used for different activities such as parties and other large group engagements.

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