Tuesday, June 22, 2021

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Metro Manila Subway Set to Begin Operations By 2021

Construction for the Metro Manila Subway is still on track despite quarantine restrictions, with a target to begin partial operations by 2021—yes, next year. Where...

Greening your living space

Enjoy condo living to the fullest when you make sustainable choices. With a new normal that requires us to still stay as much as we...

No bad time to be a Good Guy

SMDC residents demonstrate what Good Guys are made of. After spending years working in an industry that was unrelated to his training, Rence Urian decided...

SMDC South 2 Residences: An Exciting Take on Sustainable Urban Living

SMDC understands the value of a connected world where mobility, accessibility and convenience are no longer merely an option but a way of life....

Good Guys lend hands for community events

From residents to employees, The Good Guys movement continues to grow. “The spirit of volunteerism is here regardless of the risk,” said 23-yearold volunteer Nette...

The Good Guys Go Green

Romeo Cordova is up by 4:00 AM, ready for a full day. Like any farmer, he works for hours tending to his crops and...

Integrated Living is the New Normal

The diverse number of essential things needing your attention can make you feel like a spinning wheel. Handling one responsibility on top of another...

What Modern Green Living Looks Like

Today, there are more than 21 million people living in Metro Manila, according to data reported by the World Population Review. The number of these...

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