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The Role of Your Home in Achieving Work-Life Balance

Before the COVID-19 outbreak, achieving work-life balance was a dilemma for the hard workers. Now that most of us are working at home as...

The Good Life is a Balanced Life

Living your life is a balancing act. Keeping up with the fast-paced lifestyle is never easy. But here’s the good news: a balanced life...

La Dolce Vita

Imagine coming home to your very own cozy space in the bustling metro. Imagine being surrounded by clear waters, sunshine and blue skies, being...

Infrastructure in and around the metro

There is a continuing debate as to whether real estate development follows public infrastructure construction, or whether it is the other way around. Whatever...

A Look into a Nature-Inspired Home for Everyone

Breezy mornings, lush greenery, and calm surroundings. What’s not to love about nature-inspired living? To achieve this kind of lifestyle, one doesn’t have to...

A Gem of a Residence in the New Normal

The brisk sales it saw in the first quarter of the year revealed a healthy financial condition that enabled it to continue thriving and...

Residents extend helping hands during crisis

Residents across SMDC developments are showing what Good Guys are made of. First they pulled their resources together to donate food, grocery packs, medicine and...

Tips for Making Your First Property Purchase

Real estate presents a great investment opportunity. Unlike securities and other investment instruments, it is generally impervious to deflationary forces caused by economic crises...

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