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The Great Escape

8 easy-to-accomplish ideas to make your home feel like a getaway You can go anywhere in the world but eventually you will always return home....

Simple Minimalism Principles To Kickstart Your Best Life

Minimalism, simple living, decluttering–no matter how you describe it, the idea is decreasingly becoming a passing fad and increasingly evolving as a way of...

Of Good Guys, fresh picks and new beginnings

SMDC’s The Good Guys Market provides residents with a fresh start in life, as it did for one repatriated OFW Rows of rainbow-colored fruits and...

And then there was Light

That smile, that warmth, started it all. Ron Jacobe was walking in leisurely fashion along the corridors of SM Megamall to visit a property showroom...

One with The Good Guys

Dr. Rogelyn Marcadejas is a general dentist and has been in practice for almost three decades. Aside from being a primary dental care provider...

Silver Linings: Opportunities in a crisis

SMDC gives this resident an opportunity to live her passion amid the pandemic. Jenny Maranan’s Saturdays start as early as 3:30 a.m. as she has...

5 plants to keep your home in mint condition

Embracing Nature in your own home brings mental and physiological benefits. Not only are you calm and relaxed at the sight of Nature life...

Taking Sustainable Living to Heart

City life is often compared to an urban jungle where people merely exist in a given space, in a given time. But what if space...

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