Friday, December 1, 2023


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Ice Tower RESO: Entrepreneurial Life Made Easy

Nestled in the SM Mall of Asia Complex, SMDC’s Ice Tower RESO makes it possible for homes and offices to coexist under the same roof!

Need to Consult with a Doctor? Save These DOH-Affiliated Telemed Services

With hospitals getting overwhelmed with COVID-19 cases, other medical concerns had to take a backseat but this doesn’t mean that other healthcare services are...

10 Tools That Make Cleaning Easier

While no household can ever really do away with daily chores, there are ways to make the overall process much easier and more effective....

Trouble Sleeping? These Tips Can Help You Sleep Better at Night

Have you been sleeping a lot less lately? Aside from watching over your diet, de-stressing, and limiting your daytime naps, making a few simple changes...

Bored with Home Workouts? These Outdoor Exercises are For You

The value of exercise, or any physical activity for that matter, may not have been more pronounced in recent memory until the worldwide lockdown...

Of Good Guys, fresh picks and new beginnings

SMDC’s The Good Guys Market provides residents with a fresh start in life, as it did for one repatriated OFW Rows of rainbow-colored fruits and...