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One with The Good Guys

Dr. Rogelyn Marcadejas is a general dentist and has been in practice for almost three decades. Aside from being a primary dental care provider for families in Novaliches,

Quezon City, she is a hands-on wife and mom at home. She is also a Good Guy—advocating oral health and finding time to volunteer in her community.

Dr. Marcadejas’ love for volunteering started when she was encouraged by a priest to serve in her parish. From serving her parish, she extended help in her village through the different community programs conducted by their homeowners’ association where she is also an officer.

She considers herself a late-bloomer when it comes to volunteering. She is passionate about sharing her professional expertise and values with younger people. She is always eager t share her talent through outreach activities where help is most needed.

Dr. Marcadejas has made The Good Guys community her home as an investor and resident of Trees Residences. On February 19, 2021, she became one of The Good Guys’ growing movement of residents who volunteer their services to the community.

She joined other doctors and nurses in The Good Guys Health and Wellness Caravan hosted by SMDC in partnership with SM Foundation. She gave free consultations to residents so that they, too, will prioritize oral hygiene, which most people overlook especially in a pandemic.

The Good Guys is SMDC’s campaign for nurturing happy, healthy, secure, and thriving neighborhoods that support one another with the hopes of building a community of Good Guys. Aside from developing integrated lifestyle districts for work-life balance and well-appointed amenities perfect for co-sharing spaces, the campaign also translates in the form of all-inclusive programs for SMDC residents like the Health and Wellness Caravan.

“Being a Good Guy is about taking care of people beyond your household. With volunteering or doing any act of kindness, big or small, a Good Guy can make a difference and can inspire other people to do the same. I am glad that I am able to fulfill this in my second home, with SMDC.”

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