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You’re Never Too Young to Invest in Real Estate

How do you spend your money?

Many assume that millennials spend money on frivolous things like gadgets, clothes, and eating out. While it’s true that we are driving an economic boom, we actually handle our finances differently from other generations.

Suffice to say, we know what to value.

A 2017 report found that there are actually some traits that make millennials distinct from previous generations, especially in the things we prioritize. For one, millennials value going through life at their own pace. We have different tools for problem-solving, thanks to the vast amount of information available on the internet and a variety of opinions from peers.

Millennials value being connected. As we navigate the trials of adulting, content that we find online can help us make better decisions. In fact, we are also willing to share this knowledge with our peers. The connectedness happens both online and offline.

Unlike previous generations, more millennials are willing to pay to experience life in the best way possible. Young professionals are part of a very competitive generation, and as we work for our hard-earned money, we want each peso to be maximized to the fullest.

Another trait that sets us millennials apart from our older counterparts is that we are keen to make good financial decisions at an early age. Definitely, the earlier one learns about personal finance and preparedness, the easier it is to reap rewards down the line.

Millennials are armed with better knowledge of their investment options, and we are often spoiled for choice. Apart from stocks and bonds, we consider other investments like insurance plans, mutual funds, cooperatives, cryptocurrency, and more.

When faced with so many paths, it’s still a wise move to invest in tried-and-tested investment avenues that appreciate over time.

Real estate is one of those old-school investment avenues that establishes a great solid ground for newbie young investors like us. It has the dual benefit of serving a purpose as a home, while quietly becoming an opportunity for a future nest egg. The great news is that there is currently a real estate boom in the Philippines. More homes are coming up, offering potential homeowners the chance to invest in a quality future.

For fellow millennials looking for the perfect investment for their hard-earned money, SMDC’s newest property is a perfect fit for everything we value.

Twin Residences Building Facade, Artist’s Perspective

SMDC’s Twin Residences, along Alabang-Zapote Road, is the perfect place for young professionals to establish a home base.

Because it is in such an ideal location, Twin Residences will surely provide the balance millennials aim for. Business districts are a short drive away, while basic needs like commercial areas, restaurants, schools, and hospitals are within easy reach.

The property also has facilities that are necessities in every millennial’s lifestyle, such as lap pools, fitness gyms, and gardens. Who also wouldn’t love coming home to a development that’s decked with green spaces and has everything you would need to relax?

Apart from the chance to integrate into the laid-back lifestyle in the South, Twin Residences itself is the perfect setting for the lifestyle our generation craves. The residential towers are designed with a yin-and-yang concept, master-planned by acclaimed designers and architects. Units are thoughtfully designed to provide a living space that is practical and has all the modern comforts we deserve.

With all these great features, it’s easy to see why Twin Residences checks all the boxes for a great investment for millennials. As we grow into our personal and professional life, this SMDC development will continue to grow with us in more ways than one.

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