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Cielo Calzado


Entrepreneurship Tips to Making a Small Business Work (and Last!)

As an entrepreneur, you’ve experienced ups and downs, realizing there’s more to being a small business owner than selling goods and services.  Every successful business...

Revamp Your Home With These Easy DIY Projects

Ever since we’ve been resigned to stay indoors when the quarantine began, everyone has become better acquainted with their homes and personal spaces. It...

Worth It! Make Your First Investment in the South

Relaxed yet bustling, living the laidback life, but at a fast pace. That’s how you would describe Las Piñas City. If you’ve ever passed by...

How to Retire in Comfort and Style at a Home You Love

Most employees look forward to retirement, where they can get their well-deserved rest. For OFWs who miss being in Manila with their family, coming...

Complete Your Condo Home With Appliances That Double as Décor Pieces

If you've been hanging out on Instagram or Pinterest, then you've probably saved a few photos of home interiors that feature aesthetic retro decor....

These Kitchen Essentials and Gadgets Made Quarantine Cooking Easier and More Fun

It's been two years since the community quarantine was declared and not only did our world change, we found ourselves getting busy in the kitchen, too. Many...

Need to Consult with a Doctor? Save These DOH-Affiliated Telemed Services

With hospitals getting overwhelmed with COVID-19 cases, other medical concerns had to take a backseat but this doesn’t mean that other healthcare services are...

Soundtrack Your Life: Find the Right Music for Your Mood

Thanks to streaming platforms like Spotify, we now have access to different songs from a ton of artists and genres around the world. Aside...

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