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Cielo Calzado


Home Office Makeover: Revamp Your Home Office to Fit Your Style

It’s been over two years since we’ve shifted to the work-from-home setup. Most of us, who assumed the arrangement would be temporary, were content...

Here’s Why Living in Bulacan is a Great Move

When faced with the idea of a developed city in the Philippines, one usually immediately thinks of Manila. It's easy to believe that Metro...

10 Tools That Make Cleaning Easier

While no household can ever really do away with daily chores, there are ways to make the overall process much easier and more effective....

Looking for a Job? Employers are Looking at Skills More Than Traditional Qualifications

Apart from the huge impact that the pandemic has had on employment (one day you’re in, the next day you’re packing your virtual stuff...

Trouble Sleeping? These Tips Can Help You Sleep Better at Night

Have you been sleeping a lot less lately? Aside from watching over your diet, de-stressing, and limiting your daytime naps, making a few simple changes...

Bored with Home Workouts? These Outdoor Exercises are For You

The value of exercise, or any physical activity for that matter, may not have been more pronounced in recent memory until the worldwide lockdown...

You’re Never Too Young to Invest in Real Estate

How do you spend your money? Many assume that millennials spend money on frivolous things like gadgets, clothes, and eating out. While it’s true that...

No Checking Out Required! Here’s How You Can Give Your Home a Hotel-Like Makeover

Real talk – how much do you enjoy staying in a hotel room when traveling? If we’re going to go down to the nitty-gritty,...

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