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Creative Ways to Create More Condo Space

When designing a home, specifically a condo, it’s easy to be caught up in aesthetics and forget about storage. Designing with smart storage spaces in mind is very important, and unfortunately condo owners only realize this once they start losing room for their stuff.

Avoid mismanaging space with these furnishing and organizing hacks that’ll prove how every bit of space in your condo can be room for storage.

1. KITCHEN: Peg Board

There are so many things you can do with a peg board . Known for holding car tools and equipment, this piece can be as functional and convenient in the kitchen, too. Maximize space and make working in the kitchen a lot easier by hanging your culinary tools, spices and other essentials on a pegboard.

2. LIVING ROOM: Foldable Table

With a foldable living room table, you have the luxury of putting it up or setting it aside, depending on the occasion and your available space. It’s an ideal option for a condo dweller, because it’s so space-efficient, and it also adds a certain charm to your living room area.

3. BATHROOM: Wine Rack

The possibilities are endless with a good ‘ol wine rack. Not only are they already decorative, they can actually also be useful for things other than wine. One cool way to use this is as a towel holder. By storing your towels in such a way, you’d be able to have more space in your cabinets or drawers.

4. BEDROOM: Bed frame with Drawers

Even your choice of bed can be storage itself. When buying a bed, consider getting a bed frame that doubles as drawers. Having this type of bed is very convenient because you have easy access to your stuff, and more importantly, you can free up your bedroom since there’s no need for a big closet.

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