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Dare To Design: Here’s How To Decorate With Velvet

Velvet used to be thought of as old fashioned fabric, but overtime, it has gained the attention of interior designers – even being claimed as one of the home design trends in 2019.

The multi-dimensional fabric can bring luxury and an extra oomph to your condo.  Here are ways on how you can decorate with velvet:

Room Revamp

Choose a palette and go velvet in the rooms of your choice! It works best in the living room, bedroom and any room for that matter. Just keep in mind that you may want to avoid using it in the kitchen since there, it can be prone to unwanted stains.

Alluring Accents

It’s true what they say, less is more; this holds true when decorating with velvet, too.  Since the fabric is already so rich in texture and allure, even if you only put accents of velvet, it can still carry the whole look of the room.

Fashionable Fabrics

Create a unique aesthetic for your condo by mixing and matching complimentary fabrics. Velvet is a fun fabric; it can be casual, when mixed with cotton, or a little bit more eccentric when paired with tweed or silk, depending on how you play with it.

Velvet and Versatile

Velvet is more adaptable than you were made to believe. It’s not all glam and luxury; in fact, using velvet in more laid-back, minimalist spaces is a refreshing way to design your condo. It also works in more masculine themes as well.

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