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Make Summer More Fun With These Pool Games For Kids

Kids always look forward to the summer because that means they can go swimming. You’re lucky if you live in a resort-like condo where pools of all sizes are available for the whole family to use.

To maximize every swim time experience, here are 4 games you can play with the kids in the swimming pool:

Floatie Race

Ready, set, swim! For younger kids, this game is perfect as the mechanics require the use of floaters. This is a fun game that can be played by 2 or more kiddos.

Beach Ball Relay

All you’ll need are beach balls to give kids the time of their lives! Form 2 teams of kids and line them up respectively. Each team would have to complete a whole relay which requires them to swim around an adult, come back in line and pass the ball to the next kid. The first team to finish wins.

Marco Polo (Sea Creatures Style)

Marco Polo is already a fun pool game, but what if we told you that it could be even more fun? It’s the same mechanics only instead of shouting “Marco” and “Polo”, you replace them with sea creature sounds of your choice.

Quick Jump

Imagine a quiz game but you had to scream your answer as you jump in the pool – that’s exactly what Quick Jump is!

Just make sure you facilitate the game and watch over the kids for a fun and safe experience.

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