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Moving into a new home with kids? Here’s why you should consider condo living

For families with kids, there are a lot of things to consider when choosing a home. After all, the environment that parents raise their kids in is very important to the way they grow and develop. Here are some reasons why it would be good to consider raising kids in a condo.

Ease of access to necessities

Parenting can be unpredictable and sometimes you can’t always anticipate what your kids might need out of the blue. With SMDC residences, you get quick access to the grocery and other retail stores. This makes any last minute needs your kids may need an easy feat—e.g. baby supplies, last minute school needs, and the like.

An open but controlled community

Amenities in SMDC residences include a common area for kids, as well as a swimming pool. These make the perfect avenues for children to not only play outdoors while staying in a secure and controlled environment, it’ll also allow them to interact with neighbors and make friends. This fosters a healthy sense of community for kids and helps them develop strong social skills.

Safety and childproofing is easier

Unlike houses, condo units don’t have stairs, which is a main concern for those living with kids. It’s also much easier to childproof a condo with corner guards and cushion walls. Main lookouts will be the kitchen counters or cabinets, and the balcony—all of which a simple childproof lock can easily address.

Security is better

With condominiums, you can be assured that your place has security 24/7. CCTVs around the building are also pre-equipped so you won’t have to worry about it. Lobbies gate-keep the building and exits have security guards, so you know your children won’t wander off the property without anyone getting alerted.

It’s considerably cheaper

Aside from the safety, community, and convenience benefits, one more thing top consider is the cost. Raising a family can be expensive. Even if you choose a bigger #SMDC condo unit, it still won’t set you back as much as a typical house and lot would. Maintaining it is also considerably cheaper, not to mention easier. This way, you can set aside more for your family’s other needs.

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