Wednesday, September 28, 2022



Sheila Denise Filoteo


Building Modern Townships

How these master planners are harnessing land and space to model a modern way of life Metropolises must provide more than just a roof above...

The Great Escape

8 easy-to-accomplish ideas to make your home feel like a getaway You can go anywhere in the world but eventually you will always return home....

Serene Vacations at Sail Residences

Reclaiming the getaway experience within your homebase!

Glade Getaways

Glade Residences is gearing up to be the premiere neighborhood for stress-free modern living in Western Visayas!

Of Good Guys and Rare Finds

SMDC continues to build a community of Good Guys. Like a child, she reveled in the sight of the banana bunches and twigs (locally termed...

The Perks of Living Beside a Mall

To live in a mall is one of those lofty, amusing fantasies cosmopolitan people sometimes daydream about. What a delightful treat to be able...

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