Tuesday, July 16, 2024

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Of Good Guys and Rare Finds

SMDC continues to build a community of Good Guys. Like a child, she reveled in the sight of...

Good Guys lend hands for community events

From residents to employees, The Good Guys movement continues to grow. “The spirit of volunteerism is here regardless...

Welcome 2021 with These Captions Full of Positive Vibes

Can we all just agree that 2020 has been the longest year of our lives? And that despite all the good things...

Saving Php50 a Day Can Change Your Life

In these trying times, saving couldn’t be more important. Admittedly, it’s easier said than done.   “Challenging talaga mag ipon,”...


The Joys of Nature and the Outdoors

Time spent in open spaces and greenery nurtures well-being — not to mention, they’re loads of fun. Here are some outdoor activities...

Homegrown Pleasures

These local spots are proof that you can live your best life without straying too far from home.

Creating an Artful Home

Take the aesthetic experience beyond gallery walls and into your own personal space Experiencing art not only expands...

Ice Tower RESO: Entrepreneurial Life Made Easy

Nestled in the SM Mall of Asia Complex, SMDC’s Ice Tower RESO makes it possible for homes and offices to coexist under the same roof!

Capital of Cool

Perks of living in the center of the capital of cool? Access to the best dining hotspots!