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Here’s how you can keep your tenants happy

Renting out your SMDC condo? Here are some surefire ways to ensure a mutually healthy and effective relationship with your tenants.

Get to know them

Before renting out your condo, get to know your potential tenants beforehand. Not only is it good relationship building, it’s also an excellent safety measure for your property.

Open communication

Have a line of communication where they can reach out to you for any concerns, and be prompt in responding. Be especially agile in addressing concerns for repairs and safety.

Remember them on special occasions

Your tenant may spend birthdays, holidays, and other special occasions in your condo. It won’t hurt to show you remember them during these holidays: a small token or even a simple greeting will do!

Schedule check-ins

Work out a schedule with your tenant to check-in on your property and conduct inspections once in a while. This gives you a chance to check on your space’s conditions and also gives your tenant a chance to communicate concerns they may have. 

Take care of your property

If they see that you are proactive in keeping your property well maintained, they won’t only appreciate it, they’ll be more conscious of caring for your place, too!

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