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Alessandra Pineda


Recharge Your Batteries with These Hobbies

Given the time we’ve spent at home, it’s normal to experience intense boredom. When you’re not thinking about work and are in the mood...

Here’s How You Can Attract Good Luck Into Your Home

Let’s admit it, one way or another, we want to look into the different ways of attracting luck and good vibes into our home....

Thinking of Moving Out of the Family Home? This is the Sign You’ve Been Waiting For

There comes a time when we’d have to move out of the family home. Come to think of it, ever since we’re kids, we’ve...

Is There Such a Thing as a Family-Friendly Home? We Say Yes!

Married life is paved with milestone after milestone. It can be overwhelming at times so it’s only natural to yearn for some stability amid...

Living Near EDSA Can Be a Blessing, Here’s Why

Every time EDSA trends online, it’s almost always for one reason — heavy traffic.  We all know that it’s not perfect. When we try to...

Here’s What You Can Do if You Miss Being on Vacation Mode

Who knew the quarantine would last this long? If you’re exhausted from balancing working from home and other chores, know that you’re not alone....

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